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┬┤Legally Blonde┬┤ Rehearsals

New Rehearsal Schedule updated 8 August


Monday 8th August

7.30: ALL for Act 1 setting/music recap

Wednesday 10th August

7.30: ALL for Act 2 setting/music recap

Friday 12th August (Kat)

8.45 - principals bookable slots w Kat

Monday 15th August (Mark, Sheila)

7.30: ALL for Act 1 setting/music recap

Wednesday 17th August (Sheila, Kat)

7.30: ALL for Act 2 setting/music recap

Friday 19th August (Kat)

7:00 Elle & Delta Nu’s - vocal coaching
9:00 Finish

Monday 22nd August (Sheila, Kat)

7.30 full company ensemble vocal work

Wednesday 24th August (Sheila, Kat)

Principals work

Friday 26th August - no rehearsal


Wednesday 31st August

7.30 - ALL (FULL COMPANY): Run show as set so far

Thursday 1st September

7.00: Photo call

Friday 2nd September

7.00: principals work

Monday 5th September - Jeremy setting

7.30 Emmett, Callahan, Enid, Brooke, TV Reporter, DA Joyce Riley, Nikos, Elle, Warner, Judge, Vivienne and All Ensemble involved in COURTROOM SCENE, with dialogue on page 98 onwards;
8.00 Add Paulette and Carlos. Then set GAY OR EUROPEAN

Tuesday 6th September - Jeremy setting

7.30: Callahan, Warner, Elle, Enid, Emmett and Vivienne for dialogue on page
108 onwards;

8.00: set ‘LEGALLY BLONDE’
9.00: add Paulette, Kylie, Rufus and Elle for dialogue on page 118 onwards;
9.15: add Vivienne, Enid, Salon Staff to start setting Remix.

Wednesday 7th September

7.30: Vivienne, Enid, Elle, Brooke, Callahan, Kyle, Paulette, Delta Nu Girls and Ensemble to complete ‘LEGALLY BLONDE’ remix
8.30: Callahan, Emmett, Serena, Margot, Pilar, Brooke, Judge, All Ensemble involved in Courtroom Scenes, Warner, Vivienne, Enid and Elle for dialogue
on page 120 onwards;

8.40: add Chutney and Paulette and complete until page 125 end of.

Thursday 8th September

7.30: Elle and Full Company to complete Courtroom Scene into FIND MY WAY and FINALE

Monday 12th September


Wednesday 14th September


Friday 16th September


Monday 19th September


Wednesday 21st September


Friday 23rd September


Monday 26th September

7.30pm: RUN ACT ONE – twice (No books)


Tuesday 27th September

7.30pm: Link together Act Two and work on any grey areas.


Friday 30th September


Monday 3rd October


Wednesday 5th October



Thursday 6th October

7.30pm: RUN SHOW


Friday 7th October

7.30pm: RUN SHOW


Sunday 9th October

11:30 Sitzprobe (Octagon Theatre)

15:00 TECH REHEARSAL (until late evening)


Monday 10th October



Tuesday 11th October


Further details about rehearsals and other information about the show can be found on the ´YAOS Presents Legally Blonde´ Group Facebook page.

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