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New Rehearsal Schedule

Message from Gill below:

Hello Lovely People


The schedules have been done and are being issued. You will see that two Sundays have been added; this was always a likelihood being that we have the children to consider. Please could you all check your diaries alongside the times you are needed and let us know straight away if there are any major concerns. I’m not so naïve to think that everyone will be at every rehearsal we need them for, but any ‘big’ problems, please let us know straight away. If you are not able to be at a rehearsal for ‘setting', please arrange for a stand-in. Once we are running that is not quite so easy, I know.

Please look carefully at the start times of each rehearsal; once we start running the calls start at 7pm. Times for the theatre rehearsals will come nearer the time from the stage management team. We have been very detailed in times you are needed in the hope that no-one will be sitting around unnecessarily. I’d like to think that we have considered everything when we were planning these schedules, but there are bound to be little problems. Can I just tell you that Sheila and I spent 9 hours planning! Please be gentle if we have missed anything!!

We have not been able to confirm the photo call date yet, hence the delay in these schedules being published. You’ll all be the first to know when it’s sorted!!!!

I think that’s about it for now; by Friday I’d like to think that all the vocals will be done.

See you next week!


The new schedule is in the Production Notices section of the YAOS website and from this link.

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