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... and the 2018 Rose Bowl Award goes to ...

Shaun Driver!!!

At the annual Rose Bowl Awards ceremony on 21st October, the winner of the Bernard Fennell Award for Best Actor (Musical) was Shaun Driver as Jerry Travers in the YAOS Production of 'Top Hat'. Huge congratulations to Shaun for this wonderful achievement, totally deserved for his singing, dancing and total commitment each performance of the show.

Shaun Driver

Congratulations also to Sarah Symcox as Doralee Rhodes in ‘9-5, the Musical’, who was nominated for the Best Actress (Musical) Award.

Sarah Symcox

YAOS was also nominated for its Best Musical Production of 'Top Hat'.

Top Hat Cast

Everyone involved in these YAOS productions deserves massive thanks for their energy and ability to stage these first class productions. Some 70 amateur societies compete for the Rose Bowl awards each year, so there is exceptionally strong competition and it is no mean feat even to be nominated, let alone win any of these awards.

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