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YAOS productions of 'Chess' & 'Kinky Boots'

Next full production to be 'Kinky Boots' Spring 2022. 'Chess' postponed to Autumn 2022.

Due to the uncertainty created by both the ongoing Covid-19 situation, as well as the recently announced redevelopment of the Octagon Theatre, the YAOS Committee has been reviewing our planned programme of productions.

Following a consultation of its members and directors, it has now been decided to cancel the proposed October 2021 production of ‘Chess’ and to postpone it until hopefully October 2022, possibly at Westlands. ‘Chess’ is a big singing show, needing a large company, and we all felt that such a major production would no longer be appropriate at this time, since the show might well have incurred a huge financial loss - there is no guarantee of whether all the seats would be available for sale, due to possible social distancing rules, nor whether audiences would yet be sufficiently confident to attend. This would be a financial risk we cannot afford.

However, we have now been advised that the Octagon will not in fact close for renovation until after March next year, so we have decided to channel all our efforts into the already planned ‘Kinky Boots’ production in March 2022.   This amazing show could be one of the last in the Octagon before it closes in its current form, so it’s also an opportunity for us to make it a show for everyone to remember!

Meanwhile, in the interim, we are looking at the possibility of putting on a cabaret or concert performance this autumn. This would be both a fund-raiser and also an opportunity for YAOS to get together as a team and restart its productions. The format and venue have not yet been decided.

We feel sure most people will agree that this is the right decision but needless to say we can’t wait for us to all get back on the stage we love so much.

Stay safe and well.

Geoff and Paula
April 2021

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